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How we talk about suicide is important, in fact it is critical to preventing contagion from happening. The way in which people talk about suicide can influence others and increase the risk that vulnerable people might also die by suicide merely because of how and how often inappropriate language is used when talking about suicide.

The Best Practices for Media Reporting on Suicide were developed by SAVE and in partnership with Cisco

"we developed an artificial intelligence tool that functions like a grammar checker to help messengers know if what they are communicating about suicide is safe or not."

The tool identifies ways in which language could violate a best practice and helps the user understand why, as well as offer positive reinforcement for appropriate language used.

Go to where it says Verify… find the app at the bottom of the page.

Marie Gallo Dyak


Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC)

Executive Producer, The PRISM Awards

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The Entertainment Industries Council (EIC), a strategic partner in ViacomCBS ‘Mental Health Action Day’, Largest Cross-Sector Effort to Shift from Awareness to Action for Emotional Wellbeing Entertainment Industries Council and more than 1000 partners will encourage and empower people to take #MentalHealthAction on Thursday, May 20 More information and full list of partners at

LOCATION -- To address a global mental health crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and amid the continued struggle of systemic racism, the Entertiainment Industries Council (EIC) and more than 1000 organizations, brands, government agencies and cultural leaders have signed on to be part of the inaugural Mental Health Action Day on Thursday, May 20 during Mental Health Awareness Month. This open-source movement to shift culture from awareness to action on mental health has added more than 800 partners since its announcement one month ago. Cultural and political leaders are among the new partners who are committed to encourage and empower their followers, fans, and constituents to take action on their mental health. Prominent supporters include: The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC), a non-profit organization of entertainment industry professionals, is committed to recognizing the incredible work produced by the creative community in providing accurate stories about mental health and substance use disorders. As such, EIC Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 20th PRISM Awards television production in 2022. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020 – 2021 has been a challenging period for story tellers however, the industry has continued to produce film and television projects accurately depicting these disorders. It is through stories that we can say: if you see it, you can be it…we add to that – if you hear it, you can say it. More stories about mental health and the ability to seek help for ourselves and our families need to be told. “This purpose-driven and diverse group of cross-sector partners will shift our culture from awareness to action on mental health -- and the timing couldn’t be more spot-on,” said Erika Soto Lamb, Vice President of Social Impact Strategy at MTV Entertainment Group. “No matter who you are, we want you to hear the urgent call for mental health action on Thursday, May 20 -- for yourself, for your loved ones or for your community.” A full list of partners is available here. Mental Health Action Day is being planned with the support of TaskForce, a cultural organizing agency that builds capacity for those taking on the most pressing challenges facing our communities, our nation and our world. More on Mental Health Action Day can be found at or you can follow along at #MentalHealthAction. About Mental Health Action Day Mental Health Action Day is an open-source movement of brands, organizations, government agencies, and cultural leaders to drive culture from mental health awareness to mental health action. The first Mental Health Action Day will take place on May 20, 2021, with a mission to encourage and empower people to take their first actions on mental health -- whether for themselves, for their loved ones or for their communities , because mental health is health. Learn more at The ART of making a difference,

Marie Gallo Dyak President/CEO Entertainment Industries Council Website

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