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News App for Reporting on Suicide is Here!

How we talk about suicide is important, in fact it is critical to preventing contagion from happening. The way in which people talk about suicide can influence others and increase the risk that vulnerable people might also die by suicide merely because of how and how often inappropriate language is used when talking about suicide.

The Best Practices for Media Reporting on Suicide were developed by SAVE and in partnership with Cisco

"we developed an artificial intelligence tool that functions like a grammar checker to help messengers know if what they are communicating about suicide is safe or not."

The tool identifies ways in which language could violate a best practice and helps the user understand why, as well as offer positive reinforcement for appropriate language used.

Go to where it says Verify… find the app at the bottom of the page.

Marie Gallo Dyak


Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC)

Executive Producer, The PRISM Awards

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