Pledge for Science, Engineering, Technology Study

Because I believe I can
discover the cure, engineer the next milestone in history, or advance
the technology to change the world

Because I believe I can
create something amazing that can help people, save lives, and
enable nations to thrive

Because I don’t believe
the words “dweeb” “geek” or “dork” should be used to define people
who dream big, work hard and like to learn


I pledge to participate in and support science, engineering and
technology, in school and out of school, to raise awareness of the role
these fields plays in all our lives, and commit myself to the wonderful
contributions of science, engineering and technology that make the world
a better place.


• Join with teachers, students, parents and others who are participating in Science, Engineering and Technology activities and events, year‐round

• Sign the pledge now to support efforts to increase American interest in these fields and encourage the next generation of innovators

• Tell us what you’re doing by sharing photos, events, news and updates on our social networking site,


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