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Achievement winner Stan Lee is interviewed by EIC’s Skylar Zwick.

The S.E.T. Awards are presented to movies, TV series, radio and television news programs, print and online journalism for accurate and impactful entertainment portraying and promoting the fields of science, engineering, technology and math.


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Engineers are responsible for the slippery, whirling, whooshing fun of waterslides?! Engineers control water pressure, control, and speed of the water slide.

“Smart” clothing can change your mood?! Biosensors, small speakers, and other devices can connect wirelessly to a smart phone. Text messages and noises through the small speakers communicate with the individual about his or her mood and send inspirational messages throughout the week.


The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC) through its Entertainment & Media Communication Institute (EMCI), has developed Ready on the S.E.T. and…Action! a program that is tackling one of the nation’s largest challenges: reviving American interest in science, engineering and technology (S.E.T.), especially among youth.

The impetus of this initiative is due to the American population’s lack of interest in the fields of science, engineering, and technology and the growing threat of a diminished workforce in these fields.

Through the Ready on the S.E.T. and… Action! Initiative, EIC will help science, engineering and technology experts to integrally collaborate with representatives from the entertainment and media field. Ultimately, the collaboration will reposition these crucial issues and supplement an innovative approach to reach a wider audience nationwide.

Specifically, the project will develop resource information for writers, producers, directors, broadcast and print journalists to utilize (within all types of national and local media) and strengthen how engineers and scientists are portrayed in entertainment media space.

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Want more info? Check out the Picture This: Engineering Publication by clicking the photo.


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EIC’s, Skylar Zwick, interviews Rick Stephens from The Boeing Company (Far Left) and Leslie Fink from the National Science Foundation (Left). They discuss how the media has an impact on society and what are the best portrayals of Science, Engineering and Technology in the media.


Unique elements of the program include:

1. Partnership with Industry

EIC is partnering with science, engineering and technology companies to launch a multi-year program that elevates the importance of science, engineering and technology in the national entertainment and news media space.

1.1 Advisory Council

EIC has gathered a group of science, engineering and technology professionals, specialists in the entertainment and media industries, and education experts to serve as the S.E.T. Advisory Council. The council will help conceive strategies to elevate the
importance of science, engineering and technology using their unique and complementary
areas of expertise.

For more information on the Advisory Council, click here.

1.2 Partnership with Boeing

EIC formed a partnership with The Boeing Company in the spring of 2009 to launch a multi-year program that would elevate the importance of science, engineering and technology in the national entertainment media space.

For more information on the partnership with Boeing, click here.

1.3 Business and Industry STEM Education Coalition

EIC joined forces with the companies and organizations committed to raising awareness about science, engineering, technology and math as part of the Business and Industry STEM Education Coalition. As an expert in communicating issues to the entertainment industry, EIC is currently working with representatives from these companies and organizations to create a comprehensive communication plan to spread awareness to the entertainment industry about S.E.T. professionals and careers.

For more information on the Coalition, click here.

2. Resources

Fact-based resources (First Draft) for the creative community that encourage accurate depiction and compelling storytelling about science, engineering and technology
fields and professionals.

2.1 First Draft

First Draft for the Ready on the S.E.T. and…Action! Intitiative is a service that links entertainment industry professional to science, engineering and technology experts during the development and production of entertainment content. The S.E.T. program’s First Draft service is still in development, but so far over a dozen Boeing engineers have been trained to provide advice and suggestions to creative community members interested in engineering.

For more information on First Draft services, click here.

2.2 Spotlight On

Spotlight On…, newsletters feature interesting facts, Real Stories, and depiction suggestions for the creative community. Designed to introduce members of the entertainment industry to little-known and exciting information about science, engineering and technology, Spotlight On… publications will lead to greater inclusion of S.E.T. professionals and careers in entertainment productions.

For unique engineering facts, creative application suggestions, and more, view our latest Spotlight On… Engineering publications:

3. Educational Forum

Forums that bring together S.E.T. experts and entertainment industry representatives to collaborate on strategies and messaging to enable the positive, accurate and engaging portrayal of science, engineering and technology onscreen.

3.1 Picture This!

A Picture This forum is hosted by the Entertainment Industries Council in collaboration with science, engineering and technology industries and organizations and held at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association.

Picture a panel of writers, researchers, supervising producers, directors from TV shows participating in two-way dialogue with experts, detailing the greatest opportunities and challenges for depicting issues on every genre of television shows—medical, family drama, popular “dramadies,” sitcoms and others.

Now picture an audience of participants made up of national leaders, advocates, researchers from private and public sector stakeholders in the arena of engineering listening to the entertainment panel, discussing their constituents’ priority areas of concern and giving entertainment creators the information they vitally need in order to depict this issue onscreen with attention to accuracy and the reduction of stereotypes.

Finally, picture all of those people in one room with one goal coming to a consensus on the top 3 to 5 issues, and a resultant report going out to hundreds or thousands of working entertainment writers, producers, actors and other creative professionals, who can then inform millions of viewers.

Background and Purpose:

Entertainment and other media reflect public perceptions, and also cycle these perceptions back into the public’s consciousness. Within the realm of science, engineering and technology, media can and often do lead society toward a more accurate understanding. The collective media allows us to grow through our relationships to fictional characters in drama and comedy, and these relationships occur in intimate places—our living rooms, theaters and similar places—where it is safe for us to challenge our opinions and misunderstandings.

The purpose of the project is to enrich the opportunities for story tellers of engineering stories and characters with a high degree of accuracy, so that audiences will be moved to more knowledgeable understandings and excitement about science, engineering and technology.

Picture This objectives:

  • Convene leadership that represent the following constituencies – research, practice, policy advocates;
  • Develop Consensus on key issues – identify the top 3 to 5 issues and its national perception
  • Communicate – disseminate the top 3 to 5 issues (and related information) to local news representatives and the entertainment industry to encourage stories in print / broadcast journalism and online news platforms and accurate on-screen depictions news reports and stories…to Picture This!

4. Recognition

EIC is producing the S.E.T. Awards, a recognition program and awards show that will reward positive and accurate depictions and promotion of science, engineering and technology in film, television, documentary and other entertainment media.

4.1 S.E.T. Awards

The S.E.T. Awards are presented to movies, TV series, radio and television news programs, print and online journalism for accurate and impactful entertainment portraying and promoting the fields of science, engineering, technology and math. EIC will partner with The Boeing Company to produce the first ever S.E.T. Awards Show this coming year. For more information on the S.E.T. Awards and the Call for Submission process, click on the logo below:

4.2 Generation Next: Engineering Cinema

The Generation Next: Engineering Cinema program arranges the collaboration of film and engineering students from universities across the country to combine their talents and knowledge to create short films focused on engineering. Featuring accurate, engaging and interesting characters that are engineers or storylines that involve engineering, the winning film will be shown on The Futures Channel and will encourage future collaboration between the engineers and filmmakers of the “Next Generation.”


Above left, Pauley Perrette (Actress, NCIS) promotes S.E.T. fields in this public service announcement. Above Right, Britt Hysen at EIC’s PRISM Awards interviews opinion leaders from NASA, Boeing, Intel, Apple, independent consulting firms, and professional society members share their thoughts and suggestions on where S.E.T. is heading and how imperative it is to cultivate a talent pool from our students.

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