Depiction Suggestions

The following points for consideration were created as a resource for entertainment development and production. They are not intended to limit the creative process.

  • Consider showing how destitute living conditions unleash a desperate spiral where persons can be misled or coerced into committing their lives to prostitution with promises of a better life in a better place.
  • Consider showing how slavery is ingrained our everyday lives in ways that we never think about. Many of the goods we purchase (fruit, clothes, cigarettes, chocolate, etc.) are often produced by slave labor.
  • Consider showing grassroots problems of slavery occurring within the U.S. and other countries within the agricultural industry, where laborers are often illegal immigrants, and sometimes are forced to work without compensation.
  • Consider having your characters unexpectedly encounter forced slave labor-either abroad or in the United States.
  • Consider developing a story about an underage refugee from South Asia seeking asylum in the United States.
  • Consider using some of the true stories on modern-day slavery to inspire a fictionalized account of slavery.
  • Consider telling the story of a trafficked person from his or her own point of view, rather than the view of the outsider. Check out for examples.
  • Consider showing how slaveholders can come from all walks of life, from one’s next-door neighbor to a foreign diplomat in the U.S.

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