Human Trafficking

Modern-day Slavery

Human trafficking involves the movement of people through violence, deception or coercion for the purpose of forced labor, servitude or slavery-like practices. Trafficking is a global problem affecting every continent and most countries. It occurs within and across national borders and ranks as one of the most lucrative forms of international crime.

The trafficking in human beings is not new, but has become an increasingly growing problem. A number of factors have led to its expansion: easy profits made from exploitation, growing deprivation and marginalization of the poor, discrimination against women, a lack of information about the realities and dangers of trafficking, and insufficient penalties against traffickers.

EIC’s Spotlight On… Human Trafficking highlights the facts of this disturbing yet highly underreported crime.

If you would like to speak to an expert on human trafficking/modern-day slavery, or to set up a free briefing for you, your production or studio, contact EIC’s First Draft service.

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