Women’s Health

Picture This: Women’s Health is a guide to the key issues within the realm of women’s health, including domestic violence, cancer, reproductive health and aging, as identified by experts, advocates, policy-makers, and others working to improve public awareness about factors that impact women’s health.


Depiction Suggestions

  • Domestic Violence
    • Portray the importance of SELF ESTEEM when addressing domestic violence and partner abuse.
    • Consider varying angles when choosing VICTIMS in electronic, print and broadcast scripted fiction and nonfiction media.
    • Portray FAMILY and relationship settings that may influence abusive relationships.
  • Cancer
    • Portray the underrepresentation of women in CLINICAL TRIALS for cancers that affect both sexes.
    • Portray the social norms and BEHAVIORS that put women at risk for developing cancers.
    • Portray the CANCER CONTINUUM including prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Reproductive Health
    • Consider portraying complications and issues related to pregnancy, childbirth and pregnancy termination.
    • Consider depicting that reproductive healthcare IS in fact basic healthcare for women since typically the only annual checkups women attend are the OBGYN where they either catch or do not catch other health concerns.
  • Aging
    • Consider depicting aging and mental health issues.
    • Consider depicting palliative care, hospice and quality of life in storylines.
    • Healthcare costs
    • Age disparities in clinical trials
    • Overarching Women’s Health Issues
    • Gender differences
    • Care giving

For more information check out the Picture This: Women’s Health Publication

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