The AIDS epidemic has been an issue with close ties to the entertainment industry. When EIC began working with the entertainment industry’s creative community in the 1980s to get out the facts about HIV and AIDS, many people had little or no knowledge of what quickly became one of the world’s greatest plagues on mankind.

EIC’s mission to bring the power and influence of the entertainment industry to bear on health and social issues led the organization to develop several outreach efforts to educate creative professionals and executives within the industry, as well as general audience-the mass populace-who use the entertainment media as a significant source of health information.

EIC has long promoted awareness and educating the entertainment industry about HIV/AIDS issues. Click here for a brief history.

In this section of EIC online, you will find resources for dealing with HIV and AIDS in your creative works, including suggestions for incorporating realistic portrayals of HIV and AIDS, facts, links to science-based facts about HIV and AIDS, and more. Much of this information is new, having been reported at the AIDS 2002 Conference in Barcelona.

If you have not read much about HIV and AIDS in a while, chances are good that you’ve missed out on some important information. The following pages provide you with fact sheets, policy and planning, and prevention information. Additionally, EIC’s own original depiction suggestions and links are posted to keep you thinking about new, compelling ways in which to incorporate these new findings into your creative works.

If you would like to speak to an expert on HIV/AIDS, or set up a free briefing for you, your production or studio, contact EIC’s First Draft service.

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