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Interview tips, story ideas and sample news articles provide thoughtful ways for reporters to get the story, and get it right, when it comes to mental health and suicide. A style guide is a handy desktop reference on language use and practices.

A Catalog Resource Guide of Toolkits and Content Suggestions for Faith and Cultural Leaders, Faith and Family Friendly Media, and Entertainment Creators. 

This resource is for those open to having current science-based and culturally sensitive information about mental health concerns available to share with their communities, be it a congregation, neighbors, friends and family.

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A Multi-Dimensional Look at Mental and/or Substance Use Disorders, their Treatment & Recovery (Journalists)

In our interactive webcast series for journalists, our respected panelists share their thoughts and practices in being accurate and authentic when working on the topics of prescription drug abuse, substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, mental illness, and those individuals who are affected by them.  All participants address their life experiences, from professional to first-hand, while focusing on how journalism has the ability to change how the public perceives behavioral health issues through increased understanding and reduced stigma and discrimination.

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Social Media Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention

social_media_resource_iconTips for organizations and individuals communicating about mental health and suicide on social media to reduce stigma, increase help-seeking behavior and help prevent suicide.

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Style Guide: Reporting on Mental Health

style_guide_cta_iconFrom A to Z, this mental health style guide details the issues journalists need to think about when reporting on mental health, mental illness and suicide. The guide is available in English and Spanish.

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See the AP Stylebook Entry on Mental Illness

Mental Health Reporting Guidelines Toolkit

story_ideasStory ideas can spur new ways to keep in mind the bigger picture and shine a light on unexplored aspects of mental illness and suicide. Interview tips provide guidance on how reporters can talk to people living with a mental illness. Sample news stories give concrete examples of the right ways—and wrong ways—to frame and report an event when someone’s mental health may (or may not) be part of the story.

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Analysis of English- and Spanish-Language Newspaper Coverage of Mental Health in California (Fall 2012)

analysis_cta_iconTEAM Up conducted an analysis of California newspaper coverage of mental health issues in both English- and Spanish-language outlets as part of an ongoing project tracking the types of stories covered and language used in articles.

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Muestra Esto/Picture This: Mental Health in Los Angeles

eic_publications_cta_iconEIC and Univision brought together news media and mental health professionals from the Los Angeles region to discuss the issues related to mental health for the local Latino community.

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Picture This: Mental Health in the San Francisco Bay Area

spotlight_cta_iconPicture This is a guide to the key issues related to mental health as identified by experts, social workers, advocates, policy-makers, and others working to improve public awareness and reporting about mental health to reduce stigma and discrimination in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Communicating About Suicide and Mental Health: Media Round-Table Discussion

Video excerpts from a panel at the “Two Lives a Day Lost in L.A.” event highlight best practices and guidelines for reporting on mental health and suicide.

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EIC Publications

spotlight_cta_iconEIC publications focus on specific mental-health topics including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, suicide prevention and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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podcast_cta_iconListen to media and mental health experts, including Dr. Drew Pinsky, Rebecca Palpant Shimkets and Dr. Bernice A. Pescosolido, discuss the importance of accurately depicting mental illnesses.

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California Resource Locator

Find local mental health experts and resources near you.