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Kick startAnthony Anderson - PRISM Awards 2014(1)ing the new season of original programming with a powerful conversation on substance use recovery and mental health is Black-ish actor Anthony Anderson. While Anderson is best known for his roles in Transformers, The Departed, and Big Momma’s House, he is also a passionate advocate for knowledge, understanding and building positive communities. In this case, Anthony is proudly wearing a green ribbon pin in support of mental health awareness during his appearance at the 18th Annual PRISM Awards, discussing how art imitates life and the power of support systems.

Support systems can come in many forms: family, friends, or people who have shared similar experiences. Anderson emphasizes that a support system, “is what keeps you, not only grounded, but also keeps you moving forward in a positive way.” Support systems are people that you can turn to and say I can’t do this by myself. As many of us know, these are the people who keep us on track to reach goals and celebrate accomplishments.

Anderson emphasizes the opportunity presented to those in the entertainment industry: “In our field of work it is important for us to have an accurate portrayal of whatever this character may be going through, something that’s realistic, so that it creates dialogue.” The stigma surrounding mental health and substance abuse has prevented people from engaging in conversation for far too long. People often do not seek out treatment for addiction out of embarrassment. Accurate portrayal of substance abuse recovery wAnthony Anderson - PRISM Awards 2014ill spark conversation and encourage people to ask questions, seek assistance, and create a compassionate, accepting environment.

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