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Industry Asked To Give Free Firearm Safety A Shot By Offering Free Classes

LOS ANGELES, August 30, 2000 — Even though they were just fake props, guns caused the very real on-set deaths of actors Brandon Lee and Jon-Eric Hexum. Mindful of the unintentional harm all firearms can inflict if not used properly, the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. is sponsoring free classes on firearm safety especially geared to the entertainment community.

The idea for training stemmed from a meeting attended last November by some of the industry's "top guns" to discuss the on-screen portrayal of firearm violence. Paul Haggis, Executive Producer of CBS' "Family Law," thought that gun safety should begin on the set and suggested the training as a way of not only making filming more safety-conscious, but hopefully the finished products as well.

The classes covering basic safe handling procedures, introduction to on-set safety and on-set warning commands, firearm safety devices, safe loading and unloading, and civil liability, will be presented by Bill Davis. An honorably retired police officer, Davis brings 25 years of experience in firearms training, both in law enforcement and the entertainment industry, where he heads a motion picture production services company specializing in firearms.

EIC was established in 1983 to provide information, awareness and understanding of major public health and social issues among the industry itself and to viewing audiences. As part of its gun violence and safety project, EIC has assembled a roster of academic experts in this field, as well as an informational library. Anyone wanting information, or requesting free firearm safety devices for use in productions can call Barbara Lurie at (818) 955-6858.


October 7th, 2000 from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm; repeated at 1:00 to 3:00 pm

Holiday Inn, Burbank media Center, 150 East Angeleno Avenue, Burbank (at the intersection of Angeleno and First, one block South of Olive and one block east of I-5). Room 10, lower floor. Parking is $2 with validation.

Anyone in the entertainment industry; training may be particularly useful to prop masters, stunt people, and anyone working on sets with prop guns.

Since space is limited, it is essential to RSVP for the seesion you want by calling EIC at (818) 955-6845 by October 2nd.