NATPE facts
October 25, 1999

Entertainment Industries Council Offers Creative Consulting

The EIC has developed a special project targeting writers, producers, directors and development executives. "First Draft" is a free consulting service providing technical assistance to the industry's creative community when crafting portrayals of drug, alcohol and tobacco use, addiction, and consequences.

The program aims to develop stronger, more accurate depictions of drug, alcohol and tobacco addiction in comedy, drama, talk shows and reality based programming, in addition to made-for-television movies, feature films and music videos. Teams that have already taken advantage of the program include shows such as Sports Night, ER, Touched By An Angel, and the Standard and Practices divisions of ABC and Fox Broadcasting.

Founded in 1983, the Entertainment Industries Council was formed by leaders in the entertainment industry to provide audiences at large with information, awareness and understanding of major public health and social issues such as HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, seat belt safety and impaired driving, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles especially among youth.

More information about the EIC and its "First Draft" program can be aquired by calling 323-965-1990, extension 324.