Jackson Sun
October 18, 2001

TV should drop weapons - survey
Gunplay is hardly the best way to attract television and movie audiences, according to a survey commissioned by an entertainment industry group.

Viewers rated gun violence last on a list of characteristics that would attract them to a movie or TV show and first among factors that would make them avoid a production, the Entertainment Industries Council says.

"You would think, from just the prevalence of guns on the screen, that the entertainment industry must think they're filling some kind of need. But audiences don't want that kind of bang for their buck -- literally," says Barbara Lurie, the council's director of programs and research.

The gun survey results will be presented Oct. 24 at a Los Angeles forum that also will discuss useful contributions Hollywood might make in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

"We've seen Hollywood's response from a patriotic point of view. What I'm hoping to see happen is an additional consciousness beyond what we've seen so far," EIC President and CEO Brian Dyak says