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The Alliance of Media Content Professionals
October 15, 2001

Violence Onscreen and Off

The Entertainment Industries Council recently conducted a study through audience research firm ASI Entertainment to examine audience perceptions regarding the draw of gun use at the box office and on the small screen, and the role of on-screen gun use as a deterrent or enticement toward actual gun violence. The results were striking and rather favorable for the industry.

On October 24 from 9am to 12:15, the EIC will be hosting a forum focusing on the new research findings, entitled A New Way of Looking at Violence. Following the presentation of key results, a panel of industry leaders will give their perceptions about the implications of these findings to their respective professions. The panel will include a feature film director and television series executive producer/writer (product creators), a major studio production executive and network programming executive (product developer/buyers), and a studio marketing executive and network on-air promotions executive (product consumer marketers).

An additional panel will be discussing how to create and market entertainment product in the post-September 11 climate.

The location is TBA, but EIC expects large attendance by writers, directors, producers, performers, executives and the media.