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ATTENTION: This is a special section for writers, producers, directors, talent and other members of the creative community. By registering below, you will gain exclusive benefits and opportunities with EIC. Feel free to choose more than one or all options below:
  • Network with other creative professionals through EIC.
  • Schedule briefings tailored for the needs and interests of your creative team or executive staff - writers, directors, producers, development, programming or standards and practices executives. Our First Draft services will connect you to the nation's leading experts in the areas of health and social issues, bringing them directly to your offices, when and where you need them.
  • Receive invitations to our upcoming "On-the-Studio-Lot" Depiction Briefings for fresh depiction and storyline ideas
  • Become a candidate to be a panelist at our Picture This Briefings in Washington DC to engage in dialogue with leading experts and organizations representing a national voice for a specific health or social issue (travel costs compensated)
  • Coming soon... Early-bird discounts on PRISM Awards tickets, discounts to hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc.

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