PRISM Presents a Special Tribute to Veterans

By: Brian Dyak

The 16th Annual PRISM Awards will present a special tribute to salute our veterans. For the past 16 years, the PRISM Awards have recognized depictions of substance use and metal health concerns that are not only entertaining, but also accurate and able to reach and inform vast audiences. In recent years, the PRISM Awards have seen a steady increase in the number of story

lines involving active and returning service members, often facing significant difficulties ranging from physical rehabilitation to reintegration in the workplace and treatment for concerns like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some of those production writers and actors have gone above and beyond to craft informative characters with which our veterans can identify and, in some cases, even be encouraged to take control of their situations.

A significant number of 2012 PRISM nominees related to health topics and the military, so it seems like the perfect opportunity for the PRISM Awards to pay tribute to our veterans. We are excited to not only thank them for protecting our creative freedom, but also let them know we stand by them as they move forward in their personal and professional lives as civilians.

To honor their bravery and further encourage the creative community to focus on accurate portrayals that reinforce the need to support our veterans, throughout the Beverly Hills Hotel, on April 19th, 2012, we will display signs and banners representing each of the branches of the armed forces to honor the service and memory of these outstanding men and women. We will make this a concerted theme throughout the evening, starting with a Military Honor Guard posting the flag followed by video of the Golden Knights team skydiving with a PRISM Awards banner that will be presented on stage by our first celebrity guest who will then introduce the theme for the evening.

A number of celebrities in the room who have served will present awards during the evening, and their service will be part of their introduction as they take the stage. Confirmed attendees include Jon Huertas of “Castle”who served in the Special Forces for 3 years, becoming a veteran of three conflicts including the first Gulf War. He’s a member on the board of the non-profit Puppies Behind Bars, a program in which prison inmates train service dogs to help returning veterans suffering from PTSD and other ailments.

Some of the veteran celebrities, before presenting awards, will talk about our returning veterans and the importance of reintegrating them back into civilian life – helping them to face the challenges of finding homes, learning new professions, finding jobs, healing from both the physical and psychological wounds of their service and assuring them that we stand with them for the long haul of returning to their dreams and aspirations.

In our interview rooms for the PRISM Awards Showcase TV special, celebrities who have served will each be asked a question regarding the military and these sound bites will be used to craft a tribute to our veterans for the TV show. The show will air in September on FX Network, and a myriad of other national cable outlets plus be provided to local stations for airing after the cable premiere. The PRISM Awards Showcase TV special will also be available on demand by some of the airing partners for an extended period of time.

This year’s PRISM Awards provides us with a unique opportunity celebrate our veterans, and EIC encourages the creative community to keep honoring our veterans with accurate, appropriate, entertaining and beneficial portrayals in 2012 and beyond!

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