Public Affairs

EIC is the only organization that brings the good works of the entertainment industry to the attention of national leaders, from the Directors of the National Institutes of Health to Senators, House Representatives and their staffs. EIC does not lobby for the entertainment industry, but rather celebrates the many good things that the industry does of its own volition. EIC gives entertainment professionals one-of-a-kind access to health information, available at a moment’s notice, and recognizes the good works that TV, film and music media do as a result of their consultations with EIC or on their own.

Feel free to check out the EIC Trustees Resolution (April 2006) [.pdf] – the entertainment industry making its own statement about the importance of accurately depicting health and social issues. Also, in this section, you can find those in Washington, from Congresspersons to partnering federal agencies that support our industry’s commitment to quality entertainment and the effective communication of accurate information.

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