Mental Health Champions Changing the Coversation

MMHM Patrick Kennedy PicAs you may already be aware, May was Mental Health Awareness Month and to keep the celebration of changing the conversation going, EIC is honoring a few superstars who are working hard to increase awareness and understanding surrounding mental health. The efforts of these, and others, whom we will profile over the coming weeks, will change the conversation and promote acceptance for individuals living with Mental Health Challenges. Each of these individuals has been affected differently by these issues and is taking a stand to rally everyone when it comes to awareness. Read on to learn their stories and join the conversation by tweeting @TEAMUP using #MentalHealth.

What this superstar is doing:

Patrick Kennedy is co-founder of One Mind for Research. This independent, non-profit organization, is working towards a national scientific campaign to understand brain disorders and to reduce suffering and burden on the U.S. economy before the decade is out by reducing stigma, promoting new research, and establishing standards of fair treatment for those living with these conditions.

As stated on their website, “By changing the way scientists, health care professionals, NGO and government partners think about and conduct scientific and translational research, One Mind – which has been called a “moonshot to the mind” – has presented the challenge to Americans to come together to create a unified effort to advance mental health-related public policy within ten years’ time.”

How you can engage:

Accurate and entertaining storytelling about mental health is a key component of changing attitudes and behaviors. I strongly believe that mental and physical health is interconnected. When you put these issues into content and programming, we are able to reach people with this valuable information in a comfortable, but personal way. I encourage you to support mental health awareness by teaming up with us @TEAMUP on twitter.

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