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Generation Next is led by the Entertainment Industries Council Inc. and is supported by the Staunton Farm Foundation.

Empowering the Next Generation to Promote Accurate Portrayals of Mental Health in Storytelling

Generation Next is a campaign for Southwestern Pennsylvania college students studying film, television and video, journalism and social media to create accurate stories about persons living with mental illness, their recovery and wellness. For faculty, the program offers curricular resources and support.

Generation Next’s highlights include a mentoring session with entertainment, journalism and social media professionals, as well as mental health experts; student productions aired on EICnetwork.tv, a global internet television network; and a special press release on student’s participation. Speak up for mental health and join Generation Next.

Faculty Program Overview

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Campaign Guidelines

Student Application

Film, Television & Video                                               Social Media

PowerPoint Presentation for Faculty                                   PowerPoint Presentation for Faculty

Submission Requirements TV Film                                Submission Requirements Social Media

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  PowerPoint Presentation for Faculty

Submission Requirements Journalism


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TEAM Up (Tools for Entertainment And Media) is a project that brings together mental health experts, entertainment industry professionals and journalists to encourage deeper reporting and accurate depictions of people living with mental illness.

Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC) is a nonprofit corporation that, since 1983, has collaborated with the entertainment community and news media to promote health and social issues using the power and influence of the media.

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