EIC’s Generation Next Seminar is an introduction to advanced scriptwriting students enrolled in film and television schools on accurate depiction of substance use and addiction. It encourages awareness about the art of crafting authentic, fully dimensional storylines and characters that explore the complex nature of addiction, without compromising entertainment value or commercial potential. The one-to-two hour seminar can be incorporated into existing curriculum as a guest presentation or presented as a featured event.

EIC’s Generation Next Seminar includes:

  • presentation of research-based data on the science of addiction
  • videoclips of current entertainment product demonstrating excellence in depiction
  • distribution material providing students with relevant information and ongoing resources related to substance use and addiction
  • information about EIC services available to students, including First Draft™, which provides technical assistance in the areas of use and addiction to entertainment creators
  • announcement of the Generation Next Fellowship
Over 20 distinguished colleges and universities have participated in Generation Next to date:

  1. American Film Institute
  2. The American University
  3. Art Center College of Design
  4. California State University, Northridge
  5. California State University, Long Beach
  6. Columbia University
  7. Emerson College, Boston
  8. Emerson College, Los Angeles
  9. Howard University
  10. Johns Hopkins University
  11. Loyola Marymount University
  12. New York University
  13. North Carolina School of Arts
  14. North Carolina State University
  15. San Francisco State University
  16. San Jose State University
  17. Santa Monica College
  18. State University of New York, New Paltz
  19. Temple University
  20. University of California, Los Angeles
  21. University of No. Carolina, Greensboro
  22. University of Southern California
  23. University of the Arts
  24. Villanova University

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