EIC’s Generation Next Seminar provides advanced scriptwriting students with learning tools that offer guidance and practice in exploring authentic storylines and characters to reveal the complex nature of substance use and addiction. It invites students who have completed at least two classes in screenwriting to develop a film/movie or television series episode script that accurately and authentically depicts drug, alcohol and/or tobacco use and addiction.

One student from each participating school may be selected as a Fellow who develops and submits a first draft, then works with an individually appointed entertainment industry advisor as well as a science advisor during further script development. Fellows are each awarded $1,000 for script completion.

All final drafts undergo a two-tiered review process that involves script assessment by distinguished representatives from the entertainment industry. Through this process, Grand Award recipients are determined in the Fellowship’s two categories, film/TV movie ($8,000) and television series episode ($4,000):


Entertainment Industry Advisors have included feature film producers and writers as well as television producers and writers from highly regarded television productions:

  1. Isil Bagdadi, Producer
  2. Ed Bernero, Co-Creator/Executive Producer, Third Watch
  3. Joe Bratcher, Producer/Screenwriter/Writing Teacher, Twin Bridges Writing Salon
  4. Jennifer Buchwald, Development, The Thomas Carter Company
  5. Julie Hebert, Writer, ER
  6. Karen Horne, Fellowship Director, Nickelodeon/Disney
  7. Stanley Isaacs, Producer, 100% Entertainment
  8. Steve Langford, Consulting Producer, Just Deal
  9. Cindy Myers, Screenwriter
  10. Lyla Oliver, Executive Story Editor, Judging Amy
  11. Robin Palmer, Director of Original Movies, Lifetime Television
  12. Michael Perry, Producer/Writer, The Guardian
  13. Steven Peterman, Consulting Producer/Writer, State of Grace
  14. Valerie Red-Horse, Screenwriter/Director/Producer, Red-Horse Native Productions
  15. Richard Rothstein, Vice President, The Thomas Carter Company
  16. Fred Rubin, Screenwriter/Producer
  17. Barry Schindel, Executive Producer, Law & Order
  18. Tony Soltis, Writer
  19. Matt Witten, Producer/Writer, C.S.I.: Miami
  20. Peter Blake, Writer
  21. Rhonda Bloom, Plumeria Entertainment
  22. Randall Caldwell, Writer
  23. Bill Chais, Writer
  24. Christopher Davidson, CBS Entertainment
  25. Paola Freccero, Sundance Channel
  26. Paul Guyot, Judging Amy
  27. Kirk Hassig, Producer
  28. Jamila Hunter, NBC Entertainment/Bravo
  29. Jennifer Jenkins, Lifetime Television
  30. James Kearns, Writer/Producer
  31. Richard Kirschner, CBS Entertainment
  32. Craig Machen, Writer
  33. Stephen Nemeth, Rhino Films
  34. Julie Siege, Writer
  35. Doug Steinberg, Writer/Producer
  36. E.Shepherd Stevenson, Writer/Producer

Science Advisors are determined based on the substance use and addiction explored in the Fellow’s script:

  1. Roland Atkinson, M.D., Oregon Health and Science University
  2. Denise Attebery, CADC, NCACII, CCS, IADC, Recovery Net Radio
  3. Carlton Erickson, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
  4. Robert F. Forman, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Treatment Research Institute
  5. Perry Halkitis, Ph.D., New York University, Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training
  6. Stephen J. Heishman, Ph.D., National Institute on Drug Abuse
  7. Walter Ling, M.D., University of California, Los Angeles, Integrated Substance Abuse Programs
  8. Diane Miller, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  9. Sheigla Murphy, Ph.D., Institute for Scientific Analysis
  10. Sis Wenger, National Association for Children of Alcoholics
  11. Kathleen West, Dr.PH, Drug Endangered Children Resource Center and Clearinghouse
  12. Ken Winters, Ph.D., Department of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota
  13. Carl Sneed, Director Of Evaluations, Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services
  14. for Health Realization
  15. Kathy Watt, M.D, Van Ness Reco Paul Doering, M.S., University of Florida
  16. George Patterson, Ph.D., Patterson Therapy Center very House


Treatment and Final Script Reviewers are primarily film and television movie executives and writers (film/movie category), or series producers and development executives (television series category). Their professional affiliations include:

  1. Becker
  2. CBS Entertainment
  3. Columbia TriStar TV
  4. Plumeria Entertainment
  5. IFC Productions
  6. Judging Amy
  7. Lifetime Television
  8. The Littlefield Co.
  9. NBC
  10. Rhino Films
  11. Showtime Networks
  12. The Simpsons
  13. The Sundance Channel
  14. USA Films


2001-02 Season:

Two Grand Award recipients will be announced in October 2002.

  1. John Raymond Baker, North Carolina State University (feature film)
  2. Andrew Bely, American University (feature film)
  3. Jennifer Chen, New York University (situation comedy series)
  4. Nick Cohen, Columbia University (feature film)
  5. Kathy Fischer, University of California, Los Angeles (feature film)
  6. Kristopher Jansma, Johns Hopkins University (feature film)
  7. Abram Makowka, University of Southern California (feature film)
  8. James Mascia, State University of New York, New Paltz (situation comedy series)
  9. Carter Anne McGowan, New York University (feature film)
  10. Harry Oxnard, North Carolina School of the Arts (feature film)

2000-01 Season:

Fellows were eligible for one Grand Award in 2001-02.

  1. Christopher Bradley, University of California, Los Angeles (feature film)
  2. Seth Michael Donsky, Columbia University (feature film)
  3. Zachary Freyer, Art Center College of Design (feature film)
  4. Andrew Guth, Temple University (feature film)
  5. Kelly E. Keough, American Film Institute (situation comedy series)
  6. Jennifer Scharf, Emerson College (feature film)
  7. Nicholas Soviecke, University of the Arts (feature film)
  8. William Strouse, New York University (feature film)
    GRAND AWARD RECIPIENT:(download related article) After completing “Broken” for the PGN Fellowship, Will submitted the same script for a Fellowship under The Chesterfield Writer�s Film Project, and won a position to participate in its year-long program.

1999-2001 Season:

  1. Josefina Lopez, University of California, Los Angeles: Ms. Lopez’s “Real Women Have Curves” (unrelated to the PGN Fellowship) won the 2002 Sundance Audience Award. HBO Films is joining Newmarket Capital Group in theatric distribution of the film.
  2. Carla Robinson, American Film Institute

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