Generation Next™

Encouraging film and television student awareness about accuracy and authenticity in the depiction of substance abuse and addiction.

“It is important to properly inform about the hardships created by addiction. People of every age must not just get the message, but spread it through their works as well.”
– Aaron Sorkin, Writer/Show Creator

The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. produces the annual PRISM Awards to recognize entertainment productions that accurately depict drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction.

Generation Next was created in 1999 to encourage awareness among television and feature film student writers about the art of crafting authentic, fully dimensional storylines and characters that explore the complex nature of addiction without compromising entertainment value or commercial potential.

Over 20 distinguished colleges and universities representing six states nationwide have participated in Generation Next, bringing its comprehensive seminar to their campuses.

Following each seminar season, the Generation Next Fellowship, provides advanced scriptwriting students the opportunity to develop a script that accurately and authentically depicts substance use and addiction. Over 20 students have participated as Fellows.

Fellows are appointed by entertainment industry and science advisors who work with the students during the development of their scripts. Grand Awards are ultimately given in the Fellowship’s two categories, film/movie and television series.

EIC is proud of its Fellows, schools, and advisors to date. Both academic and industry professionals alike recognize the importance of helping tomorrow’s creators in developing meaningful scripts that can lead to more insightful entertainment which can positively impact health and social issues among the viewing public.

EIC incorporated additional topics into the Generation Next™ program including Human Trafficking and Sun Safety/Skin Cancer Prevention.

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