Recognition Programs

Everyone in Hollywood and beyond wants to win an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy, a Tony, a Golden Globe… and a PRISM Award or a S.E.T. Award.

Hundreds of productions have been recognized, and many more have been nominated, for awards by EIC’s recognition programs.  The PRISM Awards recognize accurate depictions of substance abuse, addiction, and mental health-related issues and S.E.T. Awards for accurate and impactful portrayal of the fields related to science, engineering, and technology (S.E.T).  In fact, the PRISM Awards Showcase is the world’s only nationally televised annual magazine format show honoring accurate depictions of substance abuse and mental health issues.  The show is the only production in the history of television addressing these topics that has aired for more than twelve consecutive years.

EIC’s recognition awards programs are well-known in the entertainment industry, and the coveted awards serve as important recognition for entertainment professionals who go out of their way to create outstanding entertainment that pays attention to accuracy and authenticity.  Unlike most other awards programs, all of EIC’s recognition reaches beyond the individual by drawing attention to those who understand their power to influence audiences throughout the world.  We are thanking them for a job well done and giving them motivation to keep challenging themselves to inform the public while entertaining them.

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