Mission Statement

To Bring the Power and Influence of the Entertainment Industry
and News Media to Better Communicate about Health and Social Issues

In 1983, The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC) was founded by leaders in the entertainment industry.  EIC implements its mission though the following means:

  • Encouraging the entertainment industry to more effectively address and accurately depict major health and social issues.
  • Serving as a bridge for information between the entertainment industry and public policy members.
  • Being instrumental in affecting social change through providing educational materials, research and training for entertainment industries.
  • Promoting and recognizing the accomplishments of the entertainment industry in addressing public health and social issues.
  • Developing programs to foster volunteerism to support public and private partnerships designed to serve the entertainment industry workplace and further enhance the industry’s outreach to the general public.


The Creative Community Setting Its Own Agenda On Health and Social Issues

  1. We utilize a non-judgmental process respecting creative integrity;
  2. The entertainment industry is one piece of the societal puzzle.
  3. We promote volunteer participation;
  4. The entertainment industry sets and implements its own agenda.
  5. We recognize that members of the entertainment industry make a variety of positive contributions addressing health and social issues;

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