Vincent DiBona

Vin Di Bona captivated television audiences when he introduced America’s Funniest Home Videos in 1989. In March 2006, AFV became the longest running primetime entertainment show in the history of the network. Di Bona previously created America’s Funniest People in 1990. Prior to founding Vin Di Bona Productions, Di Bona produced the special Papal Spacebridge ’87, which documented Pope John Paul II’s visit to the U.S., as well as the pilot and first season of the Richard Dean Anderson action series MacGyver. From 1981-83, he produced more than 460 daily and weekly editions of Entertainment Tonight, guiding the series toward its status as a syndication icon. Di Bona, an eight-time Emmy Award nominee, and has won four Emmys as a producer. Aside from his many accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Di Bona is also highly recognized for his role as Chairman of The Caucus for Television Producers, Writers & Directors. Mr. Di Bona also has many charitable interests. At Marymount High School, he has worked to revitalize the building fund. He is active in Bread for the Poor, The Westside Children’s Center, The Human Rights Campaign and Newport Hospital in Rhode Island.

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