Brian L. Dyak*


Brian Dyak, a pioneer of edutainment and depiction of health and social issues, is a nationally recognized impresario of social marketing and communication strategies. As founder and President of the Entertainment Industries Council, and the Entertainment and Media Communication Institute, he has successfully constructed a bridge between the entertainment industry and health and social policy issues since 1983. This includes: cause oriented merchandising, media campaigns, and television productions. He is an award-winning executive producer/creator of the PRISM Awards (FX Networks) television special, the only national television show addressing substance abuse and mental health that has aired for ten consecutive years, in the history of television. Mr. Dyak is also an accomplished publisher of Spotlight on Depiction of Health and Social Issues, a multi-volume resource encyclopedia for the creative community. Brian motivates creators and executives to engage in the “art of making a difference”. Brian is often featured in the media as a key link between the entertainment industry, national health and social policy and trends in the popular culture.

*Executive Committee

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