15th Annual PRISM Awards

Well everyone, we’ve moved into a new month, but my ears are still picking up buzz about the 15th Annual PRISM Awards, which aired on September 25th. When we took our showcase to Capitol Hill a couple weeks ago, nothing could have prepared us for what waited for us in the Rayburn Building in Washington, DC. As I spoke to the audience about the importance of bringing the weight of the entertainment industry to bear on health and social issues, I looked around the room and saw a real possibility for change shining on everybody’s face. I realized I was looking at a roomful of national leaders fighting to create the same change that the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. strives for every day. This is the power of the PRISM Awards, and this is why we do it year after year.

What I really am proud of is the fact that the PRISM Awards features such a variety of categories and creative opportunities for nominations. We are able to commend agents of change across the entertainment spectrum by keeping our eyes open for creative, accurate depictions of health and social issues across all mediums. How many award shows have you watched that had the categories “Comic Book or Graphic Novel” next to “Performance in a Drama Episode”? Not many, I can promise you that. Our awards program features creative teams of all kinds working together to educate their audiences while telling a story.

The Fighter won the PRISM Award for “Feature Film – Substance Abuse” because of its portrayal of a man wrestling with an addiction. We also gave a PRISM Award for “News Magazine Segment” to E! Investigates for their eye-opening coverage of teen suicide.  These recipients of the PRISM Award represent two very different mediums, with two very different audiences; both manage to spread awareness about serious issues facing our nation in a clear and effectual way. That is what the PRISM Awards is all about: recognizing the people in their own creative spheres who are doing what they do best- telling a story- while managing to spread a potentially life-saving message.

So as we move forward into October and deeper into Fall, I am excited to see what the creative community has up their sleeves. They have the power to inform and educate hundreds of millions of viewers and audience members. It is so exciting when they create an international dialogue that gets people interested and talking about the issues that are affecting the world around us every day.  That is why we work so hard to create an awards program that keeps creative writers from all different mediums talking about these issues. Every voice counts, and every attempt to make the world better deserves recognition.

You can still catch the 15th Annual PRISM Awards, On-Demand through the following network partners and on select local broadcast affiliates soon to be announced! Celebrate the Art of Making a Difference, log on and share your thoughts!

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